Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to make a piece?

The short answer is it vairies from piece to piece. There are a few factors to determine how long it takes to make a piece: how many times I've made it, how big it is, how much detail I want, if I have to change something about it that a customer wants... you get the picture. Most pieces I've made a bunch of take me between 15 and 25 minutes. First time pieces can take upwards of 30 minutes. And if I'm feeling extra ambitious about a piece, it can take days or even weeks, not of constant work, with lots of cooling/reheating in the process.

Why is it "3" ND Glass?

The 3 is supposed to resemble a backward E. When I engrave my logo onto some pieces I use the back of the E as the start of the N, so it flows nicely. It's supposed to be ƎND Glass but 3ND Glass is a lot easier to write, and sounds better than "Backwards E,ND Glass."

What is dichroic Glass?

Dichroic Glass is specialty glass that shimmers and reflects the surrounding color(s) in a piece. It is rather expensive with the scrap costing 60 dollars and the premium sheets costing upwards of 150. Cllick here for some pictures of pieces with dichroic.

What is a "Gather"?

A gather is a term used in glass blowing. It means putting your clean pipe/piece into the furnace to "gather" more glass. It will increase in size exponentially with each consecutive gather.

Who is behind 3ND Glass and how did this company begin?

Ethan Davis is the sole owner and artist of 3ND Glass (with occasional help from family and friends). To find out more about the artist CLICK HERE.

Can I buy pieces in person, or do I need to order online?

I go to a couple of Youth Business shows at the Young Americans Bank in Denver 2 or 3 times a year. You can try and catch me there, but otherwise, yes, you have to order online.

When can I expect my order?

I process orders once a week. Depending on how much stock I have, and what you ordered, your order will be shipped between 1 and 3 weeks after it has been processed. Custom orders and commissions naturally take longer as I need to make them specially and won’t already have them in stock.

How long do custom orders take?

Depending on how complicated your custom order is and my backlog, it will likely be shipped 3-4 weeks after your order is processed and after the design is finalized. I typically work in the studio 2 days a week. If you have a deadline make sure to include it on your order form, and I will get back to you.

How will my order be shipped?

Orders will be shipped via USPS. At the moment I only ship to the US. Plans to go international are coming soon.

Can I customize pieces?

Yes, you can. If you would like a color of a piece that isn't available in the gallery, and/or you would like to change another small detail like engraving, you can custom order a piece. If you would like a completely original piece you can commission a piece.

Can you work with a customer to make something not seen on your site?

Yes, I can! Go to the commission page and fill out the form. After the form is processed, we can clarify the details of the design, and if it is possible for me to meet your criteria.

How can I get into glass blowing?

I am not in the business of teaching glass blowing, however, if you would like to learn, look on the internet and find a studio near you. Then see if they will give lessons/experiences. I go to Flux Studio in Denver, and they do provide lessons/experiences in glass blowing. CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEBSITE

What is glass made of?

Clear glass is made of a mixture of sand (silicon dioxide), limestone (calcium carbonate), and sodium carbonate. Colored glass can contain additives to change the color.

What is a Memory Piece?

A memory piece is a simple piece that contains a small amount of cremains. They are distinguishable from other pieces because the cremains add a slightly smokey color and some bubbles.

How do you make bubbles?

There are 3 main ways of making bubbles with each having their own look, advantages, and disadvantages. Ice pick bubbles are the easiest to control and don't have too many unwanted side effects, but its hard to cluster a bunch of them together. Baking soda bubbles are by far the most dramatic but it comes at them being very hard to controll and if done wrong they will spiral rapidly of of control. REgular baking soda bubbles will either make a large clump of bubbles (making it hard to see through), or one big bubble. A big bubble is not only ugly, but can actually ruin a piece. These two reasons makes it my least favorite to look at and to work with. The final way I make bubbles is with baking soda dissolved in water. By disolving the baking soda it diffuses the baking soda around the piece with no major clumps. This gives the look of many small bubbles around the piece. However, you can't really apply it to one part of a piece. Its an all or nothing technique. If you want to combine these the only combo I'd recommend is the ice pick bubbles + baking soda water bubbles. The regular baking soda is a stand alone option, but I'd recommend using one of the others. A jelly fish with ice pick bubbles A jelly fish with baking soda bubbles A jelly fish with failed baking soda bubbles A memory piece with baking soda water bubbles

How are custom orders, memory pieces, and commissions priced?

Custom Orders cost the amount of the item in the store + $5 + shipping. Memory Pieces will be cost dependent on what options you chose. They generally range between 45-100 which includes shipping. The heart in the memory piece section in my gallery would cost $55. Commission prices will be discussed between myself and the person who commissioned me over email. Pieces that require welding will make the price skyrocket, for example the lamp on my galley page would cost appx. $350-$450.