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About The Artist

Ethan became interested in glass blowing after multiple trips to a Chihuly exhibit in the Denver Botanic Gardens in 2014. He began to blow glass in late 2017. Since 2017 he has worked in 3 different studios and with 3 different teachers.  He started with simple projects with not a lot of personality as they were mainly just general shapes, like spheres,  cylinders, and ovals. A major source of inspiration was going to a studio in England in 2018 where they had many naturalistic sculptures. Since then he has taken inspiration from many other sources including other studios he’s visited, pieces he’s seen, and videos he’s watched. Due to this influence his pieces have also taken on a more realistic look and shape as well as more identity. He is also inspired by finding ways to reuse broken glass by crushing them into color to use in his own pieces. Ethan’s specialty is small sculptural pieces that resemble plants, animals and recognizable objects.


3ND Glass

I created 3ND Glass after I made my first little blue bird. My mom liked it so much, she showed it some friends who asked if I would sell it to them. That's when I realized I there was a market for my work. After that I went to a couple in person shows and was quite successful. That gave me the push to create the online site, and things have just kept going form there.

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