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About The Artist

I became interested in glass blowing after multiple trips to a Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens in 2014. I first stepped foot in a hot shop in 2017, and I continue to find the work exciting and engaging. I appreciate that while blowing glass I have to focus all of my thoughts on the activity while being bombarded by sensations. There are the violent oranges and yellows of the heat and the glass, the roar of the furnaces; the aromas of burning wood, smoke, and melting beeswax; the high heat and occasional burns of honor. I am forced to stay present with the glass.
After beginning with simple shapes, my work evolved after visiting a studio in England where they were making nature-inspired pieces. I began producing my signature blue birds and other nature-inspired items. As I grow, I am taking inspiration from many additional sources including math, video games and other cultures. Due to these influences, my pieces have taken on a more distinctive look and shape that demonstrate my identity as an artist. My most current pieces are Japanese Fish Kites, fish eggs and (attempts to make) a Klein Bottle.


3ND Glass

I created 3ND Glass after I made my first little blue bird. My mom liked it so much, she showed it some friends who asked if I would sell it to them. That's when I realized I there was a market for my work. After that I went to a couple in person shows and was quite successful. That gave me the push to create the online site, and things have just kept going form there.

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